Family Pages

This section contains the individual pages of the family members, a page that provides information on how to contact us, as well as other family-orientedd pages. Note that some of the pages are protected by a password; family members and friends may send us a mail to request a password.

(entries appear in chronological order; those prefixed with an * are optimized for Retina displays)


Contacting us

E-mail addresses, fax numbers, etc.



Daniel's personal page



Vicki's personal page (password required)



David's personal page (password required)



Eric's personal page (password required)



Snoopy's personal page


Evelyne's 50th

Souvenirs of a fabulous birthday party


Eric's Graduation

Two pages of photos to remember the day


At the Cathouse

A visit to Evelyne's house in Petit Landau


* The Wedding

By popular demand, some pictures of the wedding

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