Evelyne's 50th

On Saturday, March 23, 2002, Evelyne celebrated her 50th birthday (if you don't know who Evelyne is, this page is not for you) at her home in Petit Landau in Alsace. Actually, her birthday is not until the 26th, but the Saturday before was chosen as a more convenient date for a gathering. On hand to help her slip into her second half-century were many friends and family members. The 24 photos on this page are for them (and, of course, for Evelyne herself).

Each photo is represented by a 130x130 thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up the larger image in a new window. Please note that the thumbnails are not miniature versions of the photos they represent; rather, they show a small portion of the original image, but at full size. In other words: just because you've seen the thumbnail doesn't mean you've seen the picture! The photos appear in the order they were taken.

Happy Birthday, Evelyne!

Click on any of the picture fragments below to view the full image!

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