This section contains work-related pages, such as photos of business trips, seminars, colleagues, and so on


Sainte Maxime 1998

Souvenirs of the Amadeus Distributed Systems 1998 Seminar


Litteul Kévin

A product delivery specialist's greatest delivery yet!



Photos of a really fun business trip



Photos of the first annual DSR & QA Picnic (this is work?)


Vincent: an on-site visit

The new kid in town... seen on his own turf


At the ECIS Conference

Kids from the "Ecole Primaire Sartoux" sang at the conference!


Ron's June Party

Souvenir photos of a great party


Sainte Maxime 2000

Photos of the second Amadeus Distributed Systems Seminar


CIV 1982

Students come and go, but (many) teachers stay


Stresa 2002

Photos of the Amadeus Development and Operations Seminar

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