"Litteul Kévin"

Sleeping Kevin   Kevin waking up

When an expert at software packaging and releasing is having a baby, how can the result be anything other than a perfectly packaged child, delivered on schedule and within budget? And when this expert is also responsible for a web site that delivers products to customers, is it acceptable for her best delivery not to appear on the web? Surely not! So congratulations, Nathalie and Jose, and welcome to the world, Little Kévin! You don't know it yet, but you're on the web!

By the way, Kévin was born on Christmas Eve 1998 at 10 P.M. At birth, he weighed 3.540 kilograms (7.8 pounds) and measured 50 centimeters (1' 8"). "Litteul Kévin" is the name of a "bande dessinée" (comic strip); the word "Litteul" is, of course, meant to be "Little" pronounced à la française. All this to say that "Litteul" is not the baby's first name...

(all photos, except last three, by Kevin's parents)

What a difference a week makes!

Sleeping Kevin

Getting ready for...
(1 month old)

Action Kevin

(1 month and 1 week old)

Kevin and Nathalie   Snacktime for Kevin

Kevin with his Mom and having a little snack

A birthday present from Kevin:

Easter chococate

The Big Chocolate Easter Cat!

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