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Picture of Snoopy

A long time ago in Huntington



Snoopy is enjoying her retirement on the French Riviera. Her age (almost 20!) translates mostly into longer and longer naps, occasionally interrupted by trips to her food dish and excursions to various laps as soon as someone sits down. Other than that, her main activities consist of following the sun (you can tell the time of day by where the cat is) and purring if one as much as looks at her. Snoopy has become a very finicky eater since her arrival in France. Dry food is definitely out, and she prefers name brand fancy cat foods. Not that she's spoiled or anything. She's mellowed quite a bit, and at this stage in her life, she would probably even consider Richard a welcome guest (don't worry if you don't understand that last line; Richard will).

Picture of Snoopy

A more recent photograph of Snoopy



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