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Contacting Us

Vicki and the boys

Vicki and the boys waiting for email...



You can contact us in several ways; take your pick from the list below:


By Internet email

Send an email to our main account (checked every day)

Send an email to Daniel at work (instant delivery to Daniel's PC in his office)

Send an email to Vicki at work (checked on school days. Put "Vicki K." in subject line)


By America Online and CompuServe email

AOL subscribers may send email to address dkiechle (checked 2 to 3 times per week)

CompuServe subscribers can send email to user ID dkiechle (checked daily)
(this corresponds to the older-style user ID 74640,120)


By fax

(+33) [0] (Daniel's fax at work)

(+33) [0] (Vicki's fax at work)

NOTE: On October 18, 1996 all telephone numbers in France changed from 8 to 10 digits. When calling from within France, the full ten-digit number needs to be dialed regardless of where in France one calls from. When calling from abroad, the leading zero of the ten-digit number is omitted; in other words, only the last nine digits of the telephone number follow the country code.


By snail-mail

The Kiechles
9 ruelle des Lernes
06560 Valbonne


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