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Picture of David

Basel, October 1996



Picture of David

Sainte Agnès, May 1996


Since last September, David is attending the "cinquième" at the Centre International de Valbonne. This corresponds to 7th grade in the United States. At the CIV, David is receiving a bilingual education (French/English) that will eventually lead to an IB (International Baccalaureate) or a BOI (French Baccalaureate with International Option). This, however, is still a few years (six, to be precise) away.

David likes everything that lives in the sea, in particular dolphins, whales, and sharks. He doesn't like homework, writing (if it has to be legible), and being nice to his brother. So far, he has not had time to add his own content to this page, though I am not giving up hope that he will do so one day.

David was born in 1984 in Huntington, New York.
His birthday is on April 29.


Last August, we had caricatures of the boys made at the Mercado on International Drive in Orlando. You can look at David's by means of the link (a partial preview) on the right. Click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page after viewing the file.

The original picture is a 72 dpi 340x429 pixel .GIF file (89K).


Caricature of David


Canoe Trip

Before going to the United States, David attended a summer camp in the Ardèches. Many different activities were scheduled; in the photograph on the left, David (in the back) and his friend Romain have some fun canoeing down a river (the photo was taken by the camp photographer). Click on the preview on the left to see the picture full-size; to return to this page, use the "Back" button on your browser.

The original picture is a 72 dpi 425x284 .JPG file (37K).



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