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On this page, we try to give people stuff they ask for...
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The 'Mas du Parrrou'

The "Mas du Parrou" in Valbonne
For the same Michael (who's now moved to upstate New York)


Michael from Berkeley, CA wanted to see Gourdon.
Since one photo is clearly not enough, we've added a Gourdon page

At the Victoria Golf

The main building at the Victoria Golf in Valbonne
A very special place for Christy Steinle, today from Spokane (WA)

For Mr. Di Giacomo

Not really a request, and not even in France, but still... thanks Mr. DiG. !

Chemin du Parrou

A house on the Chemin du Parrou in Valbonne where David
and Susan Freeman (now in Austin, TX) lived from 1985 - 1987

Chemin de la Colle

A Bed and Breakfast on the Chemin de la Colle in Valbonne
for Nancy Herron and her son Neil (from Portland, OR)

Chemin de la Colle

Rear view of the same Bed and Breakfast
(and yes, this one's for Nancy and Neil as well)

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