Cimiez is the part of Nice that has traditionally been home to the aristocracy, It is located on a hill that overlooks the rest of the city. Aside from some very impressive residences, Cimiez features the wonderful Matisse museum and some fairly elaborate Roman ruins. It's a popular place for a Sunday stroll, and that's exactly how we ended up there one Sunday in late September.

In July, Cimiez is home to many Jazz concerts that take place in and around the old Roman arena. Many paths near the arena bear the names of Jazz greats, such as Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. In addition, busts of several other Jazz musicians are set up in the park. It's amazing that it took us almost ten years to visit Cimiez even though we live so close by. We are sure to be back in less time than that!

The photos on this page were taken on September 24, 2000

The Matisse museum

The Matisse museum among the Roman ruins

Vicki in the arena   The outside of the arena

Inside and outside the arena

Contrasing styles

Contrasting styles -- several hundred years apart

Meadow with olive trees

Relaxing among the olive trees: the big meadow in Cimiez

Louis Armstrong   Lionel Hampton

Jazz Legends

Apartment building

One of the many high-end apartment buildings

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