Antibes, the nearest town to where we live, was founded by the Greeks during the 4th century B.C. It is a charming place where one can still find many traces of a long history. The full name of the community is "Antibes Juan-les-Pins", but on this page we shall limit ourselves to a few photos of Antibes itself.

For more information about Antibes, you can visit the town's page on the Provence -- Beyond the French Riviera web site or, if you prefer, the town's official site.

The photos on this page were taken on May 5, 2001

Antibes and its ramparts

Antibes and its ramparts seen from the town's beach

The "Fort quarré"

The "Fort Carré" (completed by Vauban in 1710) protects the harbor and town

The "Place Nationale"

The "Place Nationale"

Street café

Street café

Colorful façade

If the people don't take care of it, the sun will!

Shopping street

Shopping street in the old town

The "Place Charles de Gaulle"

The "Place Charles de Gaulle" in the heart of town

City gate

The "Porte de la Marine" links the town and the harbor

The harbor of Antibes

One part of Antibes' harbor

Town beach

On the town beach

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