Paris Weekend

From February 28 to March 3, 2014, we spent a long weekend in Paris. We got to our hotel, the Saint Petersbourg around noon. After having unpacked, we immediately set out to explore familiar and not so familiar parts of what has to be one of our favorite cities. During each the four days we we were there, we walked about ten kilometers (6.2 miles), eschewing the metro for the most part. We also took quite a few pictures, 26 of which are presented on this page. They are shown here in the order they were taken. You can also view these images as a web gallery

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'Square Edouard VII' 'Notre Dame de l'Assomption'

Square Edouard VII

Notre Dame de l'Assomption

'Boulevard Haussmann' 'Place Saint-Augustin'

Boulevard Haussmann

Place Saint-Augustin

Sun shower by the 'Square Louis XVI' Lounge in the 'Hôtel Saint Petersbourg'

Sun shower by the Square Louis XVI

Lounge in the Hôtel Saint Petersbourg

'Passage des Princes' 'Saint-Eustache / Rue Rambuteau'

Passage des Princes

Saint-Eustache / Rue Rambuteau

'L'Esplanade Saint-Eustache' 'Centre Pompidou'

L'Esplanade Saint-Eustache

Centre Pompidou

'Palais du Luxembourg' 'Place de la Sorbonne'

Palais du Luxembourg

Place de la Sorbonne

In the 'Rue Antoine Dubois' In the gardens of the 'Musée National du Moyen Age'

In the Rue Antoine Dubois

In the gardens of the Musée National du Moyen Age

Souvenir shop Notre Dame and the Seine

Souvenir shop

Notre Dame and the Seine

The Stravinsky Fountain 'Place de la République'

The Stravinsky Fountain

Place de la République

Along the 'Canal Saint-Martin' Along the 'Canal Saint-Martin'

Along the Canal Saint-Martin

Along the Canal Saint-Martin

Along the 'Canal Saint-Martin' 'Gare de l'Est'

Along the Canal Saint-Martin

Gare de l'Est

By the 'Place de la Concorde' The Eiffel Tower

By the Place de la Concorde

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower Steps to the 'Trocadéro'

The Eiffel Tower

Steps to the Trocadéro

The photos on this page are also available at a higher resolution (3000 x 2000) on a gallery page.

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