Moving to France

This section is no longer updated and remains here for historical reasons. We are getting fewer and fewer questions regarding moving to France; updating these pages would require a huge effort, one that is not justified as our logs show a dwindling visitor count for this particular area. By all means peruse these pages but don't rely on the information unless you verify it with a French embassy or consulate.

This section provides information for those who are moving to France or are at least contemplating the possibility of living and working here. The different pages may be read in any order, though we recommend reading the introduction first.



Read this part first!



Things to do and think about before the move



You've made it... now what?



The workplace, finding a job, salaries...



From pre-school to university



How the French system works



Renting or buying a place to live



Trains, planes, automobiles...



What to buy where



There's plenty to do around here!


Useful Information

From the metric system to shoe sizes and public holidays



A quick reference to useful contacts

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