Antibes Revisited

Though we don't spend as much time in Antibes as in Cannes, we do visit regularly, and it didn't seem right that the only pictures of Antibes posted on our web site are on a page that was done in May of 2001, nearly nine years ago! True, earlier this year, we took a walk around the Cap d'Antibes and there are a few photos of that day on the site, but of the old town itself? Nothing recent! Something definitely had to be done about this.

The truth is that lately, the weather has been abysmal around here. It's been gray, dismal, and wet on many more days than during any winter we remember. We had snow in Sophia, and there was even snow in Cannes. So, when the weather forecast predicted blue skies and sunshine all day for Saturday, March 6, our mind was soon made up: we would take the train from Cannes, where we were spending the weekend, to Antibes, have lunch at the Vauban, and take some pictures for the web site.

This page also marks the introduction of a new camera to this site: a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (called DMC-ZS3 in some areas), a point and shoot camera with a feature set we couldn't resist. It will accompany us when we don't feel like carrying the big guns. One of the great features of this camera is an excellent movie mode; indeed, in addition to using it to take the photos on this page, we also made a small movie (5 minutes) you may want to look at.

Click on any of the small images below to see a larger (1600 x 900) version!

Antibes station Fountain

Arriving at Antibes station after a ten minute train ride from Cannes

Fountain by the Avenue du 11 novembre

On the old wall Harbor view

On a restored portion of the old wall that is open to the public

Looking from the wall across the harbor to the Fort carré

On the ramparts, looking south On the ramparts, looking north

The view from the old ramparts to the south

The view from the old ramparts to the north

Plage de la Gravette In the old town

Looking towards the Plage de la Gravette and the Alpes Maritimes

In the old town, a stone's throw (literally!) from the Mediterranean

 Road work Cathedral fragment

The entire area around the Picasso museum is being renovated

Antibes' cathedral (partial view of the red façade)

The covered provençal market View of the ramparts

The covered Marché Provençal on the Cours Masséna

View from the Plage de la Gravette to the old town and the ramparts

The beautiful 'Montkaj' Rue Casemates

This part of the harbor is called 'The Billionaire's Wharf'

The quiet and yellowish Rue Casemates in the center of town

Flea Market Rue James Close

Looking for bargains at the flea market on the Place Nationale

The Rue James Close with its restaurants and artsy shops

Place Charles de Gaulle Harbor view

The Place Charles de Gaulle in the heart of town

View from the restored wall onto the harbor and the Fort carré

Le Café Jardin One last glimpse at the ramparts

Le Café Jardin at the end of the Rue James Close

One last glimpse at the ramparts before heading back

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