This is one of the web homes of CyberSnare, the English translation of Roberto Di Cosmo's article "Piège dans le cyberespace". The reference site is NetAction. This page exists because we did the final English translation of this article, and also because it is useful to have the article available as a .PDF document. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only site that offers CyberSnare in Adobe Acrobat format.

English Version

CyberSnare is available as a single HTML page that contains the entire article (including a table of contents, end notes, and references), or as an Adobe Acrobat document that may be viewed or printed by means of the free Acrobat Reader software (available from Adobe)

HTML version of CyberSnare (from this site)

HTML version of CyberSnare (from NetAction)

Acrobat version of CyberSnare (80K .PDF file from this site)

French Version

These links are provided for those who would rather read the article in the original French version.

Version HTML de Piège dans le cyberespace (du site de l'auteur)

Version Acrobat de Piège dans le cyberespace (Fichier .PDF 112K de ce site)

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