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Welcome to our Internet home! In January of 2013, we moved to Cannes in the South of France after living in the Valbonne area (between Nice and Cannes, just north of Antibes) for 22 years. Before that, we lived in Huntington on Long Island. Now that we have retired (as of July 2016) we split our time between Cannes and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you are a first time visitor, check the Site Info for a brief description on how best to view these pages and some information on the way the site was built. Any questions? Take a look at the FAQ; if that does not provide an answer, feel free to send us an email. A feedback link is located at the bottom of every page. Enjoy your stay, then check out our alternate site and Galleries for additional content!

On January 26, 2019, this website celebrated its 20th birthday! You can check its evolution here.
Visitors: 3,061,513 as of September 30, 2019. We welcomed our 3 millionth visitor on July 12 (more stats).

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01 Oct 2019

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01 Sep 2019

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01 Aug 2019

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01 Jul 2019

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01 Jun 2019

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01 May 2019

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01 Apr 2019

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01 Mar 2019

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01 Feb 2019

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01 Jan 2019

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01 Dec 2018

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01 Nov 2018

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